Does your relationship hurt?

Do you have the same old fight over and over?

Are you feeling alone?

If this sounds like your relationship or marriage then keep reading.

If you and your partner have hit a rough spot or are feeling stuck in your relationship YOU ARE NOT ALONE! A lot of couples struggle. Many couples even get stuck in destructive negative patterns. If this is your relationship you have likely tried to break free of destructive patterns but to no avail.

Maybe you are wondering, “Will we ever get out of this mess?”

Having a happy and deeply satisfying marriage or long-term relationship can be difficult…

Going from intense and in-love to strong and deeply satisfying in your marriage can be challenging. And, yes it is where love and even, passion, can still live. But there can be lot of bumps in the road along the way.

It’s not your fault…

  • There really aren’t any examples of healthy long-term relationships available
  • In the media you only see couples in the first in- love stage or the incredibly destructive relationships that tear people apart
  • You may not want to use your parent’s relationship as a model you would want to follow
  • Between work, taking care of your family, and taking care of the daily business of living there is precious little time or energy

Are you ready for a new kind of love relationship?

You can change your relationship.  You can create the strong and loving relationship you’ve longed for. You can have…

  • the kind of trust and honesty that leads to more passion and connection
  • the love and intimacy you desire
  • the experience of being listened to and heard by your partner even in the midst of conflict
  • the closeness and security that comes with a committed relationship
  • the fun and ease of a great friendship