6 Steps to a More Positive Relationship

When working on a long-term relationship or marriage it can be easy to fall into the trap of talking about and focusing on the negative too much. Read on and discover how to focus and build on the positive to improve your longterm relationship or marriage by following these 6 steps to creating a Relationship Vision.

If you want to improve your relationship or marriage you need to know what a the ideal relationship looks like to you. You need to have a road map to get where you want to go. A Relationship Vision not only helps you and your partner decide and identify what you both want in your relationship, the very existence helps you stay focused on and more conscious of creating more of the positive.

Tip #1 — Sit down and write separate lists of what an ideal relationship consists of for you.

Tip #2 — Write your list in the present tense (as if it is already happening — i.e. We resolve our differences peacefully and respectfully. We have a fun and passionate sex life) as if it is already happening in your marriage.

Tip #3 — Include things that currently exist in your relationship which are good, things that you use to have but perhaps have lost along the way or things you never had in your relationship.

Tip #4 — Keep statements positive — what you do wantin your marriage instead of what you don’t want.

Tip #5 — Combine your lists and include those items you both agree on (for now leave off any items one of you doesn’t like).

Tip #6 — Read your vision to each other (each alternating items) every day for 90 days.

Brain research shows that it takes 90 days of doing something consistently to begin to shift attitudes and change behaviors. Think of how long you’ve been together. Ninety days is nothing by comparison. Begin a better relationship today!

Congratulations, and now I’d like to invite you to get started on a better relationship.