Who I Work With

Couples Who Are…

  • Exhausted from the never ending fights and conflicts.
  • Miserable about their lack of communication and misunderstandings.
  • Devestated by old hurts they can’t seem to get past.
  • Disappointed by the amount of sex they have.
  • Reacting to each other with icy silence or angry hostile contempt such as name calling.
  • Tired of inflicting pain on each other with hurtful and attacking behaviors and words.
  • Uncertain how to rebuild trust and recapture intimacy.
  • Struggling with the pain of an affair.
  • Feeling suffocated in their relationship.
  • In a power struggle over money.
  • Feeling alone even in their relationship.

I also work with couples who are…

  • In a good relationship and want to make it a great relationship.

Individuals who are…

  • Tired of being in a series of unhealthy or unsatifying relationships.
  • Angry and hurt about a recent breakup.
  • Anxious about being able to find a loving committed relationhip.
  • Unable to allow themselves to trust their partner and sometimes end up sabotaging the closeness they crave.
  • Unable to feel intimacy in their relationships.